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I have only heard of the plague from 1992. A bunch of prairie dogs died off
and it was found that they had the plague through the fleas. The plague and
tu????, transference is usually when one is skinning and handling the animal
without gloves. Wear gloves when checking your kill and dressing it. Also,
(brother lives south of Phoenix) not just the rabbits are a part of the
warning. As above prairie dogs, rodents, and a few other critters. Cooking
thoroughly is believed to make it safe.


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1.  September has an R in it (sure they are not confusing the do not eat
oysters unless month has a R in it, although the "frozen north" probably has
hard freezes in September and April... I grew up in Phx so we didn't

2.  How recent is recent?  in 1977, there were 2 HS students in Ash Fork AZ,
out shooting rabbits, and got plague...and the warnings about plague &
rabbits is still out there  (what works against fleas?) (Does cooking 
destroy the plague organism?)

And how scary is it to think about it still being around, was it prevalent
world wide or brought by the European settlers...


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...  Settlers have a story about not eating or killing rabbit unless
the month had an R in it.  I haven't been able to find a credible source
for a positive moderately recent plague bunny source, but many with prairie
dogs and squirrels.Aldyth
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