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Your last sentence, Bear seems to be exactly the point of the article.  
And sorry, I did mean AFTER the Roman conquest.

On 9/14/2012 5:30 PM, Terry Decker wrote:
> The Cassiterides (Herodotus, 450 BCE) were the northern European 
> islands from which tin came.  The term probably encompasses the tin 
> mines in the British Isles, Brittany and Iberia.  Tin mining was known 
> in the Isles from about 3,000 BCE, which is the same time as some of 
> the first commercial olive cultivation in Crete.  Himilco explored the 
> area for Carthagian trade around 500 BCE.  There was extensive trade 
> into Central Europe and the Mediterranean for at least 100 years 
> before Caesar came calling.  Strabo's Geography, written in Augustus's 
> reign well before the invasion of 43 AD, says that the British paid 
> more in customs and duties than could have been raised by conquest and 
> taxation.
> Such finds wouldn't surprise me if they showed up in a Bronze Age site 
> from 1000 BCE.  Trade was far more extensive than most people recognize.
> Bear
>> >Just read an article this morning in Current Archaeology (a British 
>> >publication) that discusses finding celery and coriander seeds and 
>> olive >pits in a pre-Roman kitchen midden.  These were previously 
>> only thought >to have been used in Britain before the Roman conquest, 
>> and make a >comment on Iron Age trade in foodstuffs.
>>> Mem Elaina
>> I suspect you meant to say "These were previously only thought to 
>> have been used in Britain *after* the Roman conquest"
>> http://www.archaeology.co.uk/articles/news/iron-age-olives-and-pampered-pets.htm 
>> Ongoing excavations at Silchester, Hamps., (CA 250) have uncovered 
>> the first evidence that Britain's inhabitants were enlivening their 
>> meals with Mediterranean flavours before the Roman conquest - 
>> including Britain's first Iron Age olive.
>> Ranvaig
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