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> I need a source or recipe for a brie tart any suggestions?

Here's what I found with a quick search:

Tart de bry. Take rawe zolkes of egges, and gode fat chefe, and dresse
hit, and medel hit well togedur ; and do therto pouder of gynger, and of
canel, and sugur, and saffron, and do hit in a coffyn, and bake hit
toforefaid, and serve hit forthe.  [Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334],
(England, 1425)]

TART DE BRY. XX.VIII. VI. Take a Crust ynche depe in a trape. take
zolkes of Ayren rawe & chese ruayn. & medle it & þe zolkes togyder. and
do þerto powdour gyngur. sugur. safroun. and salt. do it in a trape,
bake it and serue it forth.  [Forme of Cury, (England, 1390)]

.Clxiiij. Tart debry. Take a crust ynche depe in a traup. take yolkes of
ayroun rawe. & chese ruayne. & medle hit & the yolkes to gyder. do
therto poudour ginger. sugur. safroun and salt. do hyt in a traup and
bake hyt and messe hyt forth.  [Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7],
(England, 1390)]

- Doc

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