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possibly now in the florilegium as
'From Lost Bread to French Toast' by Christianna MacGrain.



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> But what i've come to share is a mid-15th c. Ottoman "French" toast recipe - i can't recall who it was, but a number of years ago one of our members compiled all the recipes she could find that were like French toast, and this can join them.
> (folio 112 recto)
> Ekmek kayganasi
> Bread kaygana
> Ten eggs are placed in a bowl and beaten; a small amount of sifted flour joins until the batter becomes thick; salt is sown in it. Then slice ​​fresh soft bread into thin slices, 
> ...the material will become cloudy/dim.
> -- ASIDE --
> This is what it says literally - i have a giant thick Turkish dictionary that Charles Perry recommended to me (Redhouse) and that is what it says. However, i assume that at this point 
> ...the bread slices are dipped into the batter.
> -- END ASIDE --
> These bread slices are fried in pure sweet butter. The slices are stacked on a tray, on top hot melted honey is poured, then it is served, and eaten.
> Pretty simple. But apparently much enjoyed.
> Source:
> "15. Yuzul Osmanli Mutfagi", Muhammed bin Mahmud Shirvani
> Translated and edited by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Argunshah - Dr. Mujgan Chakir
> Gokkubbe, Istanbul, 2008
> (title means "15th Century Ottoman Cuisine")
> Urtatim (that's oor-tah-TEEM)

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