[Sca-cooks] Holiday dining and Santa Stuff

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Wed Jan 2 19:03:41 PST 2013

We were at our place in New Mexico for Christmas and New Year's.  For 
Christmas it was turkey breast and lamb sided by squash, mashed potatoes, 
bread dressing, Lutheran binder and cranberry sauce with date nut bread, 
pumpkin pie, cherry pie and some store bought rolls to reduce the time.  New 
Year's we were with friends in St. Golias and had another loaf of date nut 
bread, a cinnamon braid and choclate chip cookies.

We;re on the way back to Norman and another round of packing and cleaning.


> The List has been rather quiet. Maybe like me, most of you have been 
> traveling.
> I am reminded that We used to celebrate and share what we were served and 
> ate over the holidays.
> To get that ball rolling, we had lamb for Christmas lunch, pannetoni, 
> stollen, cookies, and meringue mice for munchies, and for supper ate 
> popcorn while at the evening showing of "Les Mis" that evening.
> New Years will be at home with either steaks or a prime rib roast, 
> depending on the weather. Can I grill or not? We arrived home to snow.
> Salad, potatoes, maybe a pie.
> Santa brought me the six volume set of A Cultural History of Food and 
> Modernist Cuisine at Home for which I am very grateful.
> Johnnae

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