[Sca-cooks] Black olives

galefridus at optimum.net galefridus at optimum.net
Fri Jan 4 08:42:08 PST 2013

Well, half of my black olives got infected with some kind of nastiness and turned to mush, so I had to discard them. But the other batch is doing quite well, and I'll shortly be proceeding to the next step of the cure.

Interestingly, the primary difference between the two batches was that in one, the olives were coated with oil prior to adding salt (the first step of the cure). The oil seems to have had some kind of preservative property, especially since there was a fair bit of cross contamination between the two batches.

The next step for the surviving batch will involve pickling the olives in an oxymel, prepared according to a recipe from Dioscorides. I'll continue to post updates as the cure proceeds.

-- Galefridus

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