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Spikenard these days is typically replaced by valerian (Gallic nard), which 
 is supposed to be safe enough (if soporific). Rue is sold in Persian  
supermarkets, but I would read up on it extensively before using it. It's  
powerful in many ways and there are those who say not to use it in food at all.  
(I certainly wouldn't serve any to a pregnant woman.)

In general, it's  always wise to read up (medically) on any unfamiliar 
spice or herb. Even  some of the familiar ones are more powerful than some 
people  realize.

These are both more Roman than medieval spices, though they're  found later 
on. Curious to see them in hypocras, though.
Jim  Chevallier

Newly translated from Pierre Jean-Baptiste  Le Grand d'Aussy:
Catholic Fasting in France: From the Franks to the  Eighteenth Century  

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found  recipe for hypocras using spikenard and rue.   use?

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