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JIMCHEVAL at aol.com JIMCHEVAL at aol.com
Fri Jan 11 17:03:23 PST 2013

It occurs to me I should mention that what I bought at the Persian market  
and re-tasted yesterday were rue seeds. I'll have to go looking for some 
green  rue - or try planting what I have.

I should also point out that  personally I have no fear of rue. But then, 
in playing with Roman cuisine, I ate  a few things I'd hesitate to recommend 
to others. And in fact there is  very little of what I made for my own 
edification that I would ever serve to  others. 
"Are you vegan? Lactose-intolerant? Allergic to peanuts? How about obscure  
Roman or medieval spices you've never heard of ? Sure?"
Jim  Chevallier

Newly translated from Pierre Jean-Baptiste  Le Grand d'Aussy:
Catholic Fasting in France: From the Franks to the  Eighteenth Century  

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lilinah at earthlink.net writes:

Someone  on another cooking list sent me a packet of homegrown rue and i 
enjoyed  it

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