[Sca-cooks] Holiday spoon-teasing

Mary + Doug Piero Carey mary.doug at pierocarey.info
Fri Jan 18 17:16:56 PST 2013

Well, I have been behind on my list-reading and everyone's dinners 
sounded wonderful!  I have just one thing to say: Gwen Cat, you horrible 
spoon-tease!!!  Your Star of the Season salad sounds gorgeous, but where 
are the instructions?  Deep layers in a bowl?  Flat layers on a platter? 
   Dressing?  What kind?  Mixed with the individual ingredients before 
assembly?  Served on the side?  Drizzled in pretty patterns over the 
platter?  Argh!!

Enlighten me, please!

Groveling prettily,


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