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I did a Russian feast a few years ago and did a tasting platter of all of
the things I wanted to serve but were either expensive enough to only be
able to afford a tiny serving, or were too weird. I served smoked eel,
various Russian pickles, and a beet and horseradish relish. It was wildly


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It is available on Amazon.  The Marin Library system now includes the
Dominican Collection and they have it.  I just requested it.   
I'm interested in Russian food because I like to enjoy the foods and drinks
of the country hosting the Olympics while I watch it on tv.  A couple of
weeks ago I did an ethnic shopping trip in SF.  Oriental and Middle Eastern
on Clement, the Greek place in Daly City and lots of Russian places.  I now
have a shopping list for next February but I am still looking for recipes
and ideas.
Thank you Juana,
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> Another possibility for Russian sources, if you can find it, is a book
called "Rude and Barbarous Kingdom". It is a collection of reports written
by 16th c Englishmen who travelled through Russian scouting out markets,
politics, etc. ... basically spying, but in a broad sense. It won't give you
specific recipes, but it will tell you some information about food
production of the time and place.
> Juana Isabella
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> > Greetings all!
> > 
> > I am in the process of finding all things Russian espicially 
> > foodwise (Or
> > therabouts) for our April Yummier event.  I came across an article 
> > from Lisa Kies on strangelove.net.  It also lists the name of Kieser 
> > in the page look up.  Copyright 2007-8 updated July 4 2008.
> > Lots of fun stuff
> > there. Is this a good source?  I am familiar with the chronicle of 
> > Novgarod, and The Domostroi.  Many sources are in Russian.  Ideas?
> > 
> > Aldyth
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