[Sca-cooks] Sca-cooks Digest, Vol 81, Issue 27

Martha Sieting osermart at msu.edu
Mon Jan 21 12:40:22 PST 2013

> So, want to make a very early medieval meal? Roast a bird  (preferably a
> tough one) in honey, serve it with millet gruel, also flavored  with honey,
> cook either pork or beef (probably) in fat flavored with sage and  mustard
> seed and... make up a batch of homemade root beer. (You probably want 
> to  skip
> the bowl of fat unless you're REALLY feeling hardcore; the wine was
> probably a southern product and imported north, for what that's worth.)

I'd bet (without any documentation to back myself up) that the bowl of fat is possibly/probably drippings from the roast meats to schmear on bread along with the meal.  James Herriot (yeah, I know, not a cook) described a similar experience in one of his books where he described a sea voyage accompanying a flock of sheep from England to Russia - big pans of dripping served with the other dishes and smeared on (I think) rye bread.

Helena the Speculative

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