[Sca-cooks] Swan recipes

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Jan 21 18:08:50 PST 2013

Recipes are always in order on this list.

I know nothing.  I wasn't there.  Jim knows too much about this.  Besides, 
swan doesn't taste as good as it sounds.


> Ironically enough, we are just now having a discussion of irony on-line on
> another list. Since two people now have interpreted my *boutade* as a call
> for a  recipe, let me rather ponderously explain that I was in fact 
> assuming
> MANY  people here know recipes for swan, and so this would be the first
> place to look  for suspects in this rather strange series of 
> theft/murders.
> Jim  Chevallier

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