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Kathleen Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Wed Jan 23 06:29:31 PST 2013

Well, while all of you were watching NCIS, I watched The Taste and had a great time.

The panel of judges was just a plain old bunch of happy cats, enjoying each other's comments and occasional snarkiness.  Most of the snarky was among themselves and not in front of the contestant.  And let me tell you, some of those food combinations in those dishes were pretty ... aaahhhhh.... inventive, some to the point of being "a crime against food".  (Bourdain)  Nigella was lovely as always.  Ludo was... well, Ludo... intense but amiable.  Brian Malarky was your typical California laid back.

I thought the premise was pretty good, one hour to cook and put out the titled taste (though how some people packed so much food on one little oriental style spoon is beyond me).  I guess the time limit kept the cooks from doing the obvious tasty, crunchy skinned little piggy to sway Bourdain.

If two judges wanted the same cook on their team, they let the cook choose who she/he wanted to join.  This was fun because then the judges had about 20 seconds to persuade the cook to come to their team.  The pain when a cook was lost to another team was evident and amusing in its own right.

I thought the panel was pretty encouraging to the people they did not pick for their teams, even if the food was not that good they had something good to say like "keep trying" or "this just wasn't your day".

It was fast paced and down to earth.  It seemed comfortable in its own skin.

 Even my husband liked it (although he is a big Bourdain fan).

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will happily watch it again.  Even if it is up against Doomsday Preppers.


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