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Tea shows up right on the boundary line.
According to OED-
the plant
[1598   W. Phillip tr. J. H. van Linschoten [Disc. Voy. E. & W. Indies  i. xxvi. 46/1]   The aforesaid warme water is made with the powder of a certaine hearbe called Chaa.] 
the drink
[1601   R. Johnson tr. G. Botero [Travellers Breviat  (1603) 216]   Water mixt with a certaine precious powder which they [the Japanese] use, they account a daintie beverage: they call it Chia.

Tea as "A meal or social entertainment at which tea is served" is mid 18th century."
One could use repast as well as collation or banquet meaning either
A slight repast between meals. Sometimes called running banquet. (Often transf. and fig., as in prec. sense.) Obs.

1509   Bp. J. Fisher [Wks i. 294]   Eschewynge bankettes, rere~soupers, joncryes betwyxe meles.
1552   R. Huloet [Abcedarium Anglico Latinum] ,   Banquet before supper, Antecœnium.
1620   T. Venner [Via Recta v. 91]   At banquets betweene meales, when the stomache is empty.
Banquet as  "A course of sweetmeats, fruit, and wine, served either as a separate entertainment, or as a continuation of the principal meal, but in the latter case usually in a different room; a dessert. Obs. in gen. use; but cf. ‘cake and wine banquet’ in Scotland, ‘fruit banquet’ in northern counties."

1523   Ld. Berners tr. J. Froissart [Cronycles I. cccciii,]   He gaue dyners, suppers, and banketes to ladyes and damosels.
1584   T. Cogan [Haven of Health ccxii. 191]   Yea, and after Supper for feare least they be not full gorged, to haue a delicate banquet, with abundance of Wine.

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> "Collation", meaning a light meal, dates back to the 16th century.
> Brighid ni Chiarain

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