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If period is even a concern here (the event seems ambivalent), a frequent  
post-dinner refreshment starting at least about the time of Hughes Capet was 
the  wafer (oublie), basically a small waffle (and probably a secularized 
form of the  communion wafer). A somewhat lighter version of this was called 
a "cloud"  (nebula/nieulle in old French). These were typically served with 
hypocras after  a meal. Flans also came along quite early, though they 
evolved from a flatcake  to a cream in a pastry shell, possibly passing through a 
pizza-like phase en  route.
There seems to be some disagreement about whether a "maistre" was a large  
oublie or a collection of them, but that word appears quite a bit too.
Fruit of course was a dessert from the Romans on and never really fell out  
of favor (even Charlemagne had a piece of it after his meal).
Jim  Chevallier

Newly translated from Pierre Jean-Baptiste  Le Grand d'Aussy:
Eggs, Cheese and Butter in Old Regime France  

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The 16th  century has recipes for cookie-like items, usually called small 
cakes. There  are other things that can be made in individual molds - press 
in some pie  crust dough, fill with chosen filling, bake, cool,  serve.

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