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But this would be a Queens Tea at an SCA event and the SCA breaks off with 1600.
So we mix medieval with early modern and toss in the Renaissance...


A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE SCA - Society for Creative ...



When we use the word "period", it stretches from roughly 600-1600.
Period -- The historical era used by the SCA as a base for its activities. The SCA period is generally considered 600 AD. to 1600 AD. (The 'starting date' is very open to interpretation, but the ending date is defined in Corpora ...) 


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On Jan 28, 2013, at 10:24 PM, JIMCHEVAL at aol.com wrote:

> Otherwise, if tea was first mentioned in 1598 (the late 16th century), that 
> hardly puts it on the border with the medieval era, no?

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> If period is even a concern here (the event seems ambivalent),

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