[Sca-cooks] Officially serving modern food at SCA events

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Tue Jan 29 18:14:06 PST 2013

I realize not everyone is interested in being historically accurate in everything they do. That's fine. No one is under that obligation, and people are free to do as they like in their own camps as long as they're wearing some attempt at period clothing, per sca.org.

But it seems to me that when serving food as an official part of an official event, it is much more interesting - and often tastier - to serve historical food rather than modern food. Period food definitely can be yummy. When it isn't, it's usually because the modern cook hasn't quite perfected their interpretation of a dish.

I am also often perplexed when Royalty declare that something modern is "period" during their reign. Then i wonder, how hard IS it to go for a few Saturdays within a 6-month period without some favorite modern food or drink?

Even if someone went to an SCA event EVERY SINGLE Saturday in a year, assuming 52 Saturdays, there would still be 313 other days to enjoy modern stuff.

When i've been rather broke and/or pressed for time, i admit i've sometimes eaten modern food - such as a can of tuna with mayonnaise - while in the confines of my own tent. I would never serve such things at a public or branch dayboard, potluck, feast, etc. And that's also a far cry from declaring, for example, that chocolate brownies are "period" just because i like them. There's plenty more time in a year to enjoy them when not at SCA events.

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