[Sca-cooks] Off topic but important

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Jan 30 22:39:10 PST 2013

>I have an invasion of small ants in the bathroom and a invasion of 
>pantry moths in the kitchen :(
>The moth are tough to eradicate and they live in spices and in flour.
>Do anyone know how to get rid of them in an ecological way, no 
>chemical sprays or other similar stuff?
>Thanks in advance!

I once brought home grain moths from Pennsic.  They are terrible to 
get rid of.  It took nearly two years to get rid of them all.

Look for anything that has any kind of seed, bird seed, spices, 
everything.  And either put it in the freezer or throw it out. Two 
weeks will kill the eggs, but leave the stuff in the freezer until 
you are sure they are gone from the house, or they will just reinfest 

I wasn't drastic enough at first.  I was in a phase where I had jars 
of all kinds of grains and beans, and I ended up throwing them all 
out.  They loved jalapeno seeds.

Glass jars with threaded lids will NOT stop them, neither will 
plastic bags.  Plastic containers might if they are closed really 
tightly, but I wouldn't count on it.

Pull everything off the shelves, clean drastically.  Make sure there 
isn't a flake of flour or tapioca for them to find.  I had to throw 
away a placemat my son made in  preschool, where they glued seeds and 
beans in a design.

There are many ways to get an infection like that, but since then, 
anything that has been on a camping trip either gets tossed, or has a 
two week visit to the freezer.

At 12:22 AM -0500 1/31/13, Saint Phlip wrote:
>Boric Acid is usually found in hardware or feed stores. Sometimes you
>can find it for sale as an insecticide- that's one place we got it
>when we wanted to use it as a flux. If you go to a decent hardware
>store, though, they can find you some.

Ana isn't in the US, so I'm not sure that will work.


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