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I found a product at my local hardware store specifically for pantry moths.  Ti consists of a sealed carton that folds out into a little A frame type tent about 2" x 3" that becomes sticky inside.  Then you drop in a thin pad of stuff that is supposed to be a moth pheromone.  The moths fly in, stick and don't breed any little moths!  Took three boxes in the pantry plus everywhere I have wool but it works.  I keep renewing because the larva can come in the paper grocery bags we use now.
   Boric acid I got in the laundry section as Borateam or Twenty Mule Team Borax, an old time Laundry booster before Oxyclean. (you probably won't remember when Ronald Reagan replaced " the Old Ranger" on the TV show sponsored by the company.

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> Boric Acid is usually found in hardware or feed stores. Sometimes you
> can find it for sale as an insecticide- that's one place we got it
> when we wanted to use it as a flux. If you go to a decent hardware
> store, though, they can find you some.

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