[Sca-cooks] Lenten Observations was Officially serving modern food at SCA events

. . lizmaekate at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 06:43:07 PST 2013

> > Liutgard, who thanks God that the Lenten rules changed
> > sometime in the mid 8th c, and she can have beer or wine.
> > Beer makes Lent bearable.
> Can you have cider? (Your aside made me curious)
> Hrothny

Cider, beer, and wine are all good during Lent.  It's the hard liquors that you can't have.  I've done the period Lent thing (focus on 16th Century practices, more on my blog at isabelladangelo.blogspot.com) and I plan on doing it again this year.  It really has helped a lot just as a learning tool of what our ancestors truly went through and I would LOVE to see a Lenten feast done in the SCA.   
BTW, since Valentine's Day is for Saint Valentine, in the modern Church, they will easily give any disposition for a feast that day if you ask.  It's not needed since it falls on a Thursday and, therefore, under the modern rules, it's perfectly fine to have a feast.  However, I know that in the past when a major Saint's day falls on a Friday, Lent tends to take a back seat to the feast day - i.e., Saint Patrick.  ;-)  

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