[Sca-cooks] Cicera fracta, farinata

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 31 08:04:38 PST 2013

I don't think fracta here is split (or fractured or anything similar).  
Arnauld de Villeneuve talks about a drink made with "ossa fracta" and I don't  
think split bones would have gone down very well.  Also the Dictionnaire  
Gaffiot says that fractus means "broken, reduced to pieces".  Plus a word  in 
Provencal (faufrach), meaning a soup made of powdered broad beans, turns  
out to be derived from "faba fracta", which is said to mean "broken broad  

In  fairness, Dalby does translate the latter as "split beans", however.


Thank you, Jim, for your insights. I'll continue making the chickpea flour variations, as well as try it with cooked, mashed chickpeas and egg. 

As for your capon question, might your breadcrumb recipe be a variation of gallettes to serve as a sidedish with a capon? People can then get the taste of the "noble" bird, from the fat...perhaps even an early form of "stuffing?" Because fried patties of savory spiced bread flavored with bird fat and bacon, I would be all over that (says the gal who digs into the leftover stuffing at Thanksgiving, you can keep your turkey, thank you very much).



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