[Sca-cooks] Off topic but important

Audrey Bergeron-Morin audreybmorin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 09:15:17 PST 2013

> There are many ways to get an infection like that, but since then,
> anything that has been on a camping trip either gets tossed, or has a two
> week visit to the freezer.

Our local bulk produce place had a pretty bad infestation at some point,
that's how I caught them (I bought something - flour maybe - before there
were moths flying in the store - and then spent a few months wondering how
people could buy there when there were moths flying around! I put
everything that came from that place straight in the freezer for a few
days, for a long time after their infestation seemed gone!).

I was lucky... I saw *one* adult fly out of the pantry once, freaked out
and checked everything. I took out one small bag of flour, there were adult
moths *in* the bag, dead. They didn't seem to have spread elsewhere, even
though the bag was just closed with a twist tie. I was very lucky, never
saw another one after that.

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