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On 1/31/2013 7:14 AM, JIMCHEVAL at aol.com wrote:
> They are in fact ungodly complicated. Birds for a while were permitted,
> since they were created on the same day as fish. Under Charlemagne, monks
> were allowed to have pork fat since oil was difficult to get in some  regions,
> but dairy became forbidden. Etc.
> Le Grand d'Aussy wrote several long sections on this in his history of
> French food, which I've translated as "Catholic Fasting in France from the
> Franks to the Eighteenth Century".
> Jim  Chevallier
> www.chezjim.com
Do you have documentation for the allowance of pork fat and of birds? 
The pork fat I have not seen but it is plausible, though I've never seen 
it show up in any of the medieval Lenten recipes; and Socrates in the 
5th c (not the guy who drank hemlock) allowed birds, but he is and 
outlier- everyone else, from Augustine down, is quite explicit in 
banning the flesh of birds.

And I'm afraid that 18th c practices are not relevant here.


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