SC - Charters Brent_Ryder at
Mon Aug 2 13:43:46 PDT 1999

>Okay, so the question on the Ansteorra list is do we or do we not want to
>move towards having our award charters be more historically accurate than
>what we are doing now.  Ches suggested a longer discussion might held here,
>so I thought I'd jump in and ask the question.

More period charters would be a good thing. My main concern is time. The people
doing charters are spread kinda thin as it is. Can we afford to be more period?

It would mean revamping most of the scrolls we currently use as illumination was
used almost solely for Books of hours on the like. Only in very late period is
there anything like what we are doing in conjunction with a legal document. Even
there it was not so ornate.


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