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We already have one started. I am not sure what the stall is at the time.
It will be a year come Elfsea Defender.

The discussion is about the actual charters or the originals?

I would like this to apply to both but understand that one is a teaching
tool and the other is the end result. What do you think Tag? How do we
teach the process so that we come out with Period items?

I understand that the period ones would be sans art and made on vellum. Is
this correct?

F. Havas
ches at

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> Less.  There is already a problem with the lack of scrolls.
> You would have more scrolls available if one didn't have to
> document them.  Other kingdoms don't require this.  Why don't
> you make up a Kingdom Scribe's Handbook instead?  That way
> any one can make a scroll and submit it.
> Brighid
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