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Mon Aug 2 14:13:51 PDT 1999

>Less.  There is already a problem with the lack of scrolls.
>You would have more scrolls available if one didn't have to
>document them.  Other kingdoms don't require this.  Why don't
>you make up a Kingdom Scribe's Handbook instead?  That way
>any one can make a scroll and submit it.

Okay.  I've been watching thie scroll\illuminated page topic all day and
being uncharacteristically good about being quiet.  There are so many
points I would like to make, but work on the point at hand.  I would say
there there is a slow but somewhat steady stream of new Charters entering
the system.  But I would counter that the reason for a slow down in new
Charter development is due to documentation concerns.  First, in regards to
new Charters or original scrolls, it is a matter of supply and demand.
There is a great need, and a relatively small number of designers and
scribes who are capable and willing to create new Charter designs (on
either a single or consistent basis).  

As for documentation and Charter designs, it is my understand that one
should provide a listing of source material, and a brief description of
style, hand and color choices is nice.  But I've done Charter designs which
have been snagged without even a border around them yet, much less

As for a handbook to guide scribes in development - there are several
excellent handouts available throughout the Kingdom (and available through
Bn. Curstaidh and Regionals) to guide the scribe in scroll development.  As
for liberty with original text, I doubt that _that_ will change as it is
Mistress Serena's responsibility (and joy) to maintain authenticity in
scroll text.   

There are currently no limiatations that I know of that bars any scribe
from doing an original Grant or below Scroll\Page\Legal Document\etc. right
now.  I've done original scrolls for my friends "on the fly" on several
occasions.  It just takes commitment and sometimes pain.

So the real bottom line to it all is to encourage beginning scribes to
enjoy and experience calligraphy and illumination through Charter painting
and development, develop their interests and skills to the point where they
can comfortably and authentically create new works - grow the scribal base
so that soon we can move even further down the road.  

Now, as for documenting Charters for A&S.....*that's* a really good


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