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How about we start by posting what we have by sections of the hand book. I
still have it all at my fingertips if you all want me to do it but I would
like to see Sara or Alys start that since they have been at it longer than
I and can recompile the information again.

There is no "law" dictating what is required from us as scribes to create
a scroll. It is the rule of the person in charge at the time and
fortunatly we have had great folks heading that office.

The scroll I have been currently working on has minimal art because I am
emulating one from the period declairing a title to the subject. I went
to Rick C. for the vellum of the period tint that was know as purple at
the time but looks very red to todays eye. Although I did not make the
vellum I am documenting it's use in that period in the area of this
person's persona and why I am only using it's equivilant and not the
actual materials of the period. (I can only child proof the house so much,
most chemicals, man made or not, as a rule are not in abundance at my
home).The text is standard Ansteorran text because I cannot document the
language well enough to create my own. That is where I lack greatly in
talent and had to lean on Ms. Serena for the standard text. Thank god for
that lady!

F. Havas
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