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Lee Lemons lalemons at
Mon Aug 2 22:00:25 PDT 1999

ches at wrote:

> How about we start by posting what we have by sections of the hand book. I
> still have it all at my fingertips if you all want me to do it but I would
> like to see Sara or Alys start that since they have been at it longer than
> I and can recompile the information again.

I would really prefer you did NOT do this - this is someone's personal work, it
was submitted to the correct office for review and changes.  NO ONE else should
be involved other than those already, because this might come back to the
authoress as a "public bashing session", no matter what good intentions started
it.  She didn't put it out on this site, we shouldn't out of courtesy.  Imagine
you submitted all this work to the appropriate person in charge for making the
revisions, and it turned up in a public forum to be bandied about?

And even if I received her permission, I still do not think a public viewing of
a work in progress of revision is a courteous thing to do.


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