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Shawn Legere Dunham dunham at
Tue Aug 3 01:31:30 PDT 1999

The handbook should include kingdom standards for paper and
ink.  As well as wording for scrolls.
And finally a bibliography for learners.
When I moved to Anseorra I had a friend who already lived
there.  She told me that no original scrolls were ever given
out.  She referred to it as the Ansteorran Coloring Book.  I
lived there for a year and was asked to one original scroll.
A laurel was supposed to do the illumination and I the
calligraphy.  What I received instead of an outline sketch
was a photocopy of the inked sketch on linen paper.  I was
expected to color it in as well as callig it.  I commented on
the fact that the symbol for the award had not been put on
the illumination.  I was told by the illuminator that the
colors of the award weren't used with the original used for
documentation.  So the person receiving the award didn't have
the symbol on their scroll.   This is bogus.
Completely original scrolls should be done individually on
hard pressed watercolor paper.
They should be sketched or outlined, then calliged, then
guoached and inked.
SCA wording and heraldry should take precedence over
I received my AoA in another kingdom and it was completely
original on watercolor paper with no documentation.  It is of
much finer quality then anything I saw while living in
Ansteorra.  It was what I received from the crown on the day
I got my AoA.  I never received a promisory scroll or copy.
Copies are good for practice and when scrolls are short, but
they should never be the standard for awards!

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