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Tue Aug 3 06:09:53 PDT 1999

Bri wrote:

> Completely original scrolls should be done individually on
> hard pressed watercolor paper. They should be sketched or outlined, then
> calliged, then guoached and inked. 
	I think that the order that the work is done varies from person to
person, at least that his what I have observed when talking to other
scribes.  There is no set way to do a piece.  My calligraphy, such as it is,
is my weakest trait, so I do that first.  It is the thing that I am most
likely to make mistakes on.  But someone who is sure of their callig but not
so much of their drawing/painting skills might go another route.

> SCA wording and heraldry should take precedence over documentation.
	That is arguable (and I'm sure Master Tadgh is not in agreement at
all), although I do agree that the award should be represented on the

	 I received my AoA in another kingdom and it was completely original
on watercolor paper with no documentation.  It is of much finer quality then
anything I saw while living in Ansteorra.  

Than I am sorry that you did not see more in your breif stay in our Kingdom.
I have seen a lot of scrolls from differnt kingdoms, and I feel that, on
average, our system ends up with a prettier product.  

> It was what I received from the crown on the day I got my AoA.  I never
> received a promisory scroll or copy. Copies are good for practice and when
> scrolls are short, but they should never be the standard for awards!
Again, I have to point out that this kingdom has been known to give out more
awards than most other kingdoms, regardless of their size.  Also, again, I
must point out that in many cases the scribes in other kingdoms sit in a
doing callig/illum the entire event.  I dont' think that is fair to ask of

May I ask where you are from?  


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