SC - Charters (long!! Sorry guys!) Brent_Ryder at
Tue Aug 3 08:33:26 PDT 1999

>While I can understand your wish for maintaining quality materials, I disagree
>with mandating a Kingdom standard of materials for all scribes.  Every scribe
>has their own preferences for inks and paper - what works for them.

The only kudo I would like to make here is in regards to the generic charters
used by the kingdom which are on a specific paper and should be obtained from a
duly appointed kingdom representative.

>>I commented on the fact that the symbol for the award had not been put on
>>the illumination.

>That is an SCA creation and not found in period.

Errrr. Awards in period either did not have the emblem or they had the correct
heraldic representation on the scroll. We are, of course, talking very late
period I believe. Awards were generally a legal document with entitlements and
such. They were therefor mainly just text.

I will look through my Heraldry books to check this to be sure.


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