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Tue Aug 3 07:37:58 PDT 1999

OK my turn. I have been following this thread pretty well though I missed 
the opening post, here is a bit of a court heralds perspective. The printed 
charters have gone through a couple levels of approval by the time any one 
receives a particular piece of work, this ensures not only a frameable 
pretty, with period decoration, but also the standard text in a readable 
presentation. Even though many court heralds know most of the text, very few 
know all of them. So we actually _read_ the scrolls in court.

I do have Foyrernel Pursuivant (one of the two heralds in the kingdom that 
maintains the OP) checking to find out what the average # of scrolls given 
per reign has been over the past couple of years. Just as a reference to the 
volume we are discussing.

Now I believe our charters have been very beneficial. We do not burn out 
Scribes and Illuminators like cheap light bulbs around here. Yes we in many 
cases are producing the same thing again and again, but that is period. 
Scriptoriums in period would produce x number of indulgences by order of the 
priest. Devices for drawing and tracing multiple copies were used, and then 
in some cases people did some fill work with a brush. In period and today, 
painters and artist are and were known to have their students do fill work 
on their works of art.

No one has ever said that a person _can't_ do originals for presentation in 
court. I have seen charters presented in court where the artist, ask that 
they be able to do this scroll at the time of the award recommendation. By 
not forcing the issue, we have given our artist time to mature like fine 
wine, so that though they have not spent a lifetime perfecting these and 
only these arts, they are with a high degree of skill reproducing the style 
and beauty of period illumination.

Darius of the Bells

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