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Lee Lemons lalemons at
Tue Aug 3 11:06:53 PDT 1999

Ah, confusion explained!  Okey dokey, this makes sense!  She gave it to me late last
summer, and I told her that we would do our best to review, correct, etc., but since
many would be involved it would take a good while to get back to her.  Granted, I
didn't think it would take this long, though!


ches at wrote:

> Being that none on this list had any information of what the status of the
> handbook was we could only speculate that our work given to her was
> abandonded. Do not misunderstand our need to know and suggestion to pick
> up and complete the work with what you are suggesting. WE DID NOT KNOW
> WHAT WAS GOING ON! My statement was an answer to Alys' suggestion that we
> pick it up and complete. It was all our work handed to her to compile into
> this publication. She surely gave you all our names as part of the
> credits. She assigned each of us a chapter and we completed them and gave
> them to her. We never received any word that it was actually in your hands
> this past year to be tested for mistakes.
> Sincerely,
> F. Havas
> ches at

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