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So let me see if I understand you correctly...
You would like to see handmade original documents, primarily calligraphy,
made for each award recipient to be given in court.      Then at some later
date, the award recipient would get a personalized calligraphy and
illumination 'pretty' to put on their wall.     Right??           Hillary

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Tadhg said: <snip>
A simple form
involving only calligraphy (with perhaps some calligraphic
embellishment, as was often done in period, for Real Important Awards)
would be much easier to prepare in time for Court than the current
labor-intensive painted "scrolls". It would be excellent practice for
It would effectively address the Death By Decoration impulse, because
the actual "production" document could be tailor-made to the desires of
the recipient and the capabilities of the artisan. This would take a
process of adjustment in the College of Scribes to get people lined up
to do the actual work, with plenty of time to work out such details as
specifications and reimbursement for materials, variety of forms for
use with particular personae, etc., but that process wouldn't be under
the psychological weight of the need for Getting It Done In Time For


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