SC - Charters, a Reflection

Dr Tiomoid of Angle tiomoid at
Tue Aug 3 14:33:30 PDT 1999

--- marsha.greene at wrote:

> So let me see if I understand you correctly...
> You would like to see handmade original documents, primarily
> calligraphy, made for each award recipient to be given in court.     

> Then at some later date, the award recipient would get a 
> personalized calligraphy and illumination 'pretty' to put on 
> their wall. Right??          

In a nutshell, yes. This is the system that was used in the Midrealm
when I was a scribe ther mumbledy-mumble years ago, and the available
evidence we've seen suggests that they still use that system, or one
not far removed from it.

Or we could use well-reproduced (perhaps even offset-printed) documents
for the "court form", if it were discovered that the available supply
of calligraphers couldn't keep up. 

There are a lot of options to fine-tune the system.


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