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Please tell us what the lace is for. This makes a big difference. Is it 
going to be part of an outfit, an embellishment such as on a wooden box, or 
something else. As this is part of the "garb" group, I will assume it is for 
garb in the rest of my response.

  Painting the lace is perhaps the easiest option that I can think of. 
However, it will also deteriorate very quickly, paint having a tendency to 
flake (and I don't want to think about what a washing machine would do to 

  Perhaps a more attractive solution, but very time-intensive, would be 
weaving the lace out of commercially available silver-colored thread. I 
don't know if your friend has access to a lacemaking jig, but that is 
another option. My understanding is that lacemaking takes a considerable 
ammount of time, and I have never done it.

  I believe Alys covered the concept of Silver leaf pretty well, but keep in 
mind that if you use actual silver you will have to polish it to keep it 
from tarnishing.

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>Subject: SC - applying silver
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>I have a question that is applicable to all of you, in a way, sorta. I have
>a friend who needs silver metallic flat lace. Unfortunately her only
>discoveries so far are way to expensive for her needed amount. So she is on
>a quest for making it out of a large quantity of off white cotton flat 
>I suggested that she weave silver thread into the lace she has, her husband
>suggested spray painting (some men, they paint everything!), and I also
>suggested using silver leaf.
>What are your collective thoughts on this and what kind of spray paint 
>she use, what kind of thread, what kind of silver leaf adhesive.....what
>other better ideas do you all have short of having to purchase some of the
>expensive stuff?
>F. Havas
>Dallas, Texas
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