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Tue Sep 26 18:31:01 PDT 2000

Hi all,

Since there has been so much interest expressed in the scribal web
page lately, I'd like to post a brief update on the page's progress.

Lady Chiara has graciously agreed to put together the page for us. She
and I spoke at length this past weekend about the initial layout of
the page. I'd like to emphasize the word "initial" - hopefully, this
page will be an organic, evolving site. I'm sure we'll add many new
things in the future, and will delete or alter some things that we
discover don't work quite as we'd like them to.

The first "draft" of the page will *probably* include the following:

* A FAQ - This will be a list of commonly asked scribal questions. I'm
in the process of trying to put this together for Ches; if you have
anything in particular you'd like to see included in this, please let
me know in the next two weeks or so.
* Contact info - Email addresses for all the scribal officers
* Galleries - A gallery of original works, as well as a gallery of
painted charters. These will all have thumbprints that link to larger
pictures. The charter pictures will be accompanied by the descriptive
text that is found printed on the end of hard-copy charters.
* Links - Historical links, SCA links, art supply links, and
information about scribal mailing lists. Ches has already put together
an excellent compilation of links for this section.

The Scribal Handbook will also be linked to this page when it's
completed. In the meantime, there will be a link to the award texts
document that is currently found on the Heraldry page.

Ches has promised us a draft by Crown Tourney. The Star Principal
Herald and I will review it at that point, and then hopefully the
basic page will be active shortly thereafter. Ches will let us know
when the page is active.

There have been many wonderful suggestions about other things to
include on the Ansteorran Scribal Webpage. Once the basic page is up,
running, and accurate, I hope we will be able to try out most of those
suggestions. So, if your favorite idea for the page is not included in
the list above, fear not! You will probably see it sometime in the

My sincerest thanks to Ches for agreeing to take on this formidable
project. We are all looking forward to seeing the end result.

If you have compliments about the current plan, please direct them to
Ches, who has already done a lot of work to bring this idea to
fruition. If you have questions or suggestions, please send them to
this list so that we can all discuss them here. If you have complaints
or criticism, please direct those to me so I can work to resolve them.
I don't bite, I promise.  :)

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued interest in and support
of this project.

Warmest regards,
Star Signet

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> Just an fyi, The first instillation of the page will be revealed
> crown tourney. I will let Sara tell you all what will be in that
> part. It is very exciting and I am happily working to put it all in
> place! :)
> --
> Sincerely,
> Chiara Francesca
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