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Tue Apr 3 17:23:06 PDT 2001

Hum... I wonder... this looks like the primary or additional material to a
currently running class (which may cost funds for access to these pages).
I wonder if they will be thrilled about us having found it?    When I tried
to backtrack on some of the pathways, I was given a message about not being

If we raise our flag and let them know we are lurking, is there a
possibility they will lock it down and then we would not be able to 'lurk'
anymore?    :-(       Just wondering, as I'm not very technically astute on
the details of webpages (yet!).   Any details, anyone?

"Chiara" <chiara at> on 04/02/2001 11:01:27 PM

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Nice Graphical representation of the hands they will be teaching! I am
to ask permission to grab the graphics for our site since this teaching
announcement site will go away in June.

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