[Scriptoris] introductions, please

Crystal aslyn2 at mindspring.com
Wed May 2 15:33:57 PDT 2001

Hi kids!  I'm Aslyn Crystyn, and I'm a long-time lurker on this list.  I'm a
Mistress of the Laurel.  What's a Laurel?  Well, that means that once they
hung the cookie on me, I'm supposed to suddenly know everything.

Yeah, right.  ;-)

Somewhat seriously though, I've been a calligrapher and illuminer for
oh....three years or so.  I started out being a terrible (but willing)
Charter painter, and decided to try my hand at designing Charters (much to
Master Tadhg, et al's chagrin).  From there I traipsed through Carolingian,
Islamic and later period originals, and eventually (much to Master Tadhg, et
al's delight) into doing period legal documents.

Indeed, the last piece that I worked was (as close as I could get to) a
period wedding contract last Summer.  However, since then, I've taken on a
long term, mundane project that will keep me occupied for a few months this
Fall.  However, I'm hoping this Summer to begin laying the groundwork for
developing the office of Deputy Star Signet in Charge of Original Scroll
Production (and backlog management).  I can't travel until the Spring, but
I'm hopeful to begin the groundwork this Summer.

In my scribal dreams, I'm mulling over yet another attempt at *Mira
Calligraphia Monumenta*....my baby and greatest artistic heartbreak.  I'm
still drawn to the impossible.

As a side bar:  I'd love for you guys to scan in your work in progress.  At
least a piece of it.

That's the Reader's Digest version.  Back to you in the studio, Hal.

Psycho Scribe of the Central Region
<------waves to our resident Polymath and Curmudgeon

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> --- Kimberly Koch <sarapenrose at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I am curious to know who all is on this list, as I am
> > certain it has grown considerably since its inception.
> > I would love it if we could all take a minute or two
> > to introduce ourselves.
> I'm Tadhg Liath, Hanaper Herald Extraordinary, and most old farts know me.
> What's a Herald Extraordinary? Well, that means that I was once Star
> Herald (back before the Flood, when Da'ud was Laurel King of Arms), and
I'm not
> responsible to anybody for anything, ha ha ha!
> I currently live in the Steppes, and have never lived anywhere else in the
> years I've been in Ansteorra, which is probably just as well.
> I've been a pedantic pain in the ass about scribal stuff (among other
> since I started in the SCA 27 years ago.
> I do both calligraphy and illumination in my Copious Free Time (as well as
> pointing out the historical flaws in peerage scrolls allegedly done in the
> style of period legal documents -- and don't get me started on scrolls
done in
> the fashion of a Book of Hours page....).
> I'm currently working on a late-period-style codex of St Augustine's DE
> CIVITATE DEI CONTRA PAGANOS for Master Robin of Gilwell, as well as a
> edition of the New Testament for myself. (Once I finish learning Hebrew
> like to do a tetraglot version of the Old Testament. Or maybe not; I might
> before then. Anything can happen.)
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