[Scriptoris] introductions, please

Chiara chiara at io.com
Wed May 2 18:02:58 PDT 2001

Howdy, I am your down home Texas gal, Lady Chiara Francesca, not to be
confused once again with Lady Francesca who lives in the same Barony with
me. She has the teenage twin boys and is a super leader of men, I am the one
that is 6.5 months pregnant. :)

I am your list manager, your virtual scribe for the College of Scribes
webpage, and I love doing calligraphy and illumination. I find it calming
and very satisfying. I am apprenticed to Master Fritz, who is not into
callig and illum. But I also do very fine metal pierce work and spurs. He is
really into metal making! Thus the apprenticeship. :)

The last project...hmmm....gotta put that scan online tonight. I did a
knighting scroll in modern German because the notice was too late to
research if such a thing even existed. I did it in the style of Mira
Calligraphiae's Burning Of Troy. I purchased and overnighted a large piece
of blue parchment that gave me about 3 sheets once I cut it up into the
useful parts of the skin. I used gold gauche thinned down to the point that
I could use it with a dip pen, not easy! The pen clogged up every other
letter! The catch to all this is it was made for a non-sca knighting. So you
will not see it anywhere but on my personal site with all the other non-sca
work that I have managed to get scans or pictures of before they went away.

Before that I did a sable crane for a dear friend of mine from Stargate. The
chatter box dude was speechless for the first time in many years, (giggle)!

A project that is on hold right now pending a meeting with a Callig and
Illum Laural to get the correct text in the correct language is Baron
Galen's Pelican scroll. I already have the red parchment ready to go, been
practicing my chosen hand, and have purchased the third frame for it cause I
cannot make up my mind what kind of frame I want to put it in. Maybe I
should wait until I am done with it before I buy the next one. :)

My current project is to make at least 2 if not 3 original AOA's for HL
Suzanna's project of having the largest number of original AOA's made. These
will be presented at Steppes Warlord. They will be generic enough to be used
at later events if they are not all used at Steppes Warlord. My inspiration?
Ah, but of course, Mira Calligraphiae!! Thanks Ace for bring this book to
life for us!!!! I even bought the original hard back version of it and man
is it to die for! :)

Franchesca Havas
McKinney, Texas

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