[Scriptoris] introductions, please

Aunt Dwen auntdwen at peakonline.com
Wed May 2 11:50:30 PDT 2001

Greetings, to the List:

    Baroness Ceridwen Tir Gwastraff, House Wizard's Keep, Shire of the
Wastelands (Enid/Fairview, OK) of Ansteorra, here.  I've been playing in the
SCA for almost 20 years, though in truth have been able to play "full time"
only the past ten or so.  I am a native of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer,
founding seneschal of the Shire of the Wastelands, have served as reeve,
northern regional reeve and am currently chronicler of the Wastelands.  I am
married to Lord Johann Gunnbjornsson, a member of the Varangian guard making
his fortune in the world, who secretly wants to be a gentleman farmer.

    I only dabble with calligraphy, but have enjoyed scroll painting a great
deal.  My persona would have lived in a convent prior to her abrupt
relocation by the Norsemen.  I learned calligraphy and illumination there.
(I wanted to be literate).  I find the slowed pace of scroll painting
meditative and therapeutic.  As my skills improve, I'd like to try my hand
at creating an illuminated piece.  I have helped sponsor a calligraphy and
illumination group in the Wastelands for about the past couple of years.
Several of our shire have hosted the once a month meeting in years past.
We're currently meeting monthly on the third floor of Leonardo's Discovery
Warehouse--a hands-on A&S museum for kids of all ages with a medieval and
renaissance theme.

    I've been a lurker to the list for some time, and have enjoyed picking
up the tips and tidbits that float by.  I have been especially impressed
with the beautiful scrolls which were on the net.  I look forward to
becoming more active in scroll painting once our move to the new property is
complete (Steppes weekend?).


Auntie Dwen

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