[Scriptoris] scroll commission

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 08:13:24 PDT 2001

Hi y'all,

Her Excellency KayLeigh is looking to commission an
original scroll for one of the rapier tournaments at
Pennsic. I'd like very much for one of us to be able
to help her out. Are any of you interested in taking
the commission? You'd have until August to get it
done. I've worked with KayLeigh on scroll stuff in the
past, and know that she is easy to work with and
usually very flexible about style, time-period, and
text, although I personally think that late-period
European is probably best for a rapier scroll.

Don't be shy about volunteering - if you're all shy, I
won't have anyone to do a scroll :)

Please respond privately to let me know if you're
interested, and I'll put you in touch with Her


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