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I am available

THLady Ciard O'Seachnasaigh

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> Hi y'all,
> Her Excellency KayLeigh is looking to commission an
> original scroll for one of the rapier tournaments at
> Pennsic. I'd like very much for one of us to be able
> to help her out. Are any of you interested in taking
> the commission? You'd have until August to get it
> done. I've worked with KayLeigh on scroll stuff in the
> past, and know that she is easy to work with and
> usually very flexible about style, time-period, and
> text, although I personally think that late-period
> European is probably best for a rapier scroll.
> Don't be shy about volunteering - if you're all shy, I
> won't have anyone to do a scroll :)
> Please respond privately to let me know if you're
> interested, and I'll put you in touch with Her
> Excellency.
> Thanks,
> Sara
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