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Thu Sep 20 11:11:44 PDT 2001

Greetings all... I just pulled this off the SCA wide scribes list and
thought there may be a few of you
out there that would be interested.   I've seen this lady's work before and its marvelous.  Some of you may
recall her classes from the SCA 25th Anniversary some years back.
Mark your calendars and set your VCR's.
Hillary Greenslade

as copied:
Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake of Caid said:
"In all the confusion, terror, and sorrow over the past week, it has been
hard to think of something so trivial.  But as we start to put the interrupted
pieces of our personal worlds back together, it seems reasonable to let you
all know, as I promised I would, when the segment featuring my embroidery
will be aired.

It will be on the Home and Garden Network's series "Sew Much More"
(apparently a change in title from "Sew Very Much" ).  It is the fourth
segment of the half-hour show, and is four minutes long (don't blink!).

They scheduled it to air twice on October 9.  The times given were 5am and 8am,
but I suspect she must have meant pm.  The letter didn't say what time zone.
The segment will concentrate on my blackwork designs (two of which will be
on display at EGA National later in October).  Nearly all designs are
historically inspired, and many are based on manuscript styles (such as a
Romanesque Dragon letter).  They also filmed some of my calligraphy on
vellum, but I don't know if that made the final cut.

I hope you can catch it, and that you enjoy it,
Melinda Sherbring"

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