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Thu Sep 20 12:08:38 PDT 2001

So guys, what to you think?
I saw this post on the SCA scribes list, and it got me thinking (can you
tell I'm catching up on my e-mail??
and besides, this list has been quiet for a while!   :-)   )

Brandy (Marinus, Atlantia)  said:
>As to getting to see the scrolls, I like the events that have display tables
>for the award scrolls. The scrolls can be given in court and then placed on a
>table in the hall so people can look at them during the evening. This gives
>the populace a chance to see the work. I would like to see this happen more
>at events.

>I also think scribes should put not only their name on the back of the
>scroll, but also the approximate hours they spent working on it. I have been
>doing that for years and have had several people come up and thank me, and
>say they had no idea that the scrolls took that many hours to complete.
>(Maybe they think we do it on the computer? I don't know.) But it gives them
>a much greater sense of the effort that goes into them and they are more
>likely to take better care of them. (Speaking of which, care/ framing of the
>scroll is also a good idea to put on the back of the scrolls.)

I like her second point, the idea of putting the number of hours on the back of a hand made scroll.
You could even put a price estimate of how much materials cost you to put the scroll together... just so people
have an idea of a value.     And the suggestion of doing an after-court display table, would be very nice for a lot of
our events were the court is before feast, especially.


Brandy (Marinus, Atlantia)

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