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Ches, that's a good idea you have about putting the documentation with the charters on the webpage.  In the meantime, I do indeed remember to this day where I got the designs for each of the five charters I designed fifteen years ago.  (If any of them are still in circulation.)
I would be happy to provide proper, complete bibliographical citations for each one to anyone who needs that information.  (Of course, we will not scan in pages from those books; that would be copyright infringement.)  I don't know if any of them can be found in most libraries, but interlibrary loan is a Good Thing.
I know that at least one of my major sources is still (as of a year or two ago) in stock at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  It's the exhibit catalog for *Glory of the Page* that was in Houston back in 1988 or so.
BTW, speaking of "still in circulation", I noticed at Queen's Champion that there are still old Queen's Rapier designs floating around out there that were supposed to have been retired years ago, as they did not and do not use the approved charter text.  All of those should have been disposed of years ago.  If you have any charter blanks that do not use current approved texts, destroy them.
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