[Scriptoris] Actually.....attempt at "dark" hours scroll

chiara chiara at io.com
Tue Mar 11 08:38:15 PST 2003

I am working on a scroll that will be put on a dark royal blue piece of goat
skin. I am going to use gold ink. Now, this is a non-standard scroll, i.e.
non-sca. But I still want the help of my fellow scribes for you all are the
experts. :)

What I need to know is this piece of skin is kinda rolled up and I want to
flatten it out before I start inking. Do I wet it, and if so how much, and
nail/staple it to the frame first then ink? How long do I let it dry before

What nib is best for this type of skin?

Before I do anything like this for the SCA I am practicing on others first.
I hope that is not a bad thing. I mean I am not producing second rate work
just cause it is not the SCA. I just want to be perfect for the SCA, the
criticism is sometimes unbearable at our competitions. That is why some of
us only display, it is difficult to wade though some of the criticism
especially when it comes from someone that does not do scribing. There are
only comments about how pretty/ugly it is and no commentary about technique
and improving it. It is nice to read how pretty it is though. :)

Ansteorra, Steppes
Not all ermine spots are created equally

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