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Jocelyn Hinkle scribe_ari at lycos.com
Mon Apr 21 07:52:52 PDT 2003

Aslyn wrote:
>(and yeah....I wanted to something
>collectively Arabic, but hey....I can put off those >urges....)

I'll do something Oh my God Arabic with you dearie. I just got 4 more resource books on the topic and want to try a paper technique with gold powder. One of the pages with the cool animals and figures in gold for the border.

Also on my table is the beginnings of a Tughra design for Ansteorra, and a County scroll text in arabic script in the shape of a Lion.

Is there enough of God left, in the dust
between the stars, to dance up more
life than your fragile ego can stand?
Scribe_Ari at Lycos.com

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:08:46
 Crystal Lamb wrote:
>Funny you guys should be mentioning this very topic......lol lol lol...
>I've been in this "\Apprentice\Yoda" mode for a few days now (those
>who know me remember that phase - me in the corner...studying every inch
>of a scroll and a stack of books over my head....)....and I've been
>sending a flurry of e-mails privately to....let's just say my
>sources...lol.   My first words were "This is killing me, you know....."
>I've been on the same track for days now.....I *know* our scribes can do
>something even more amazing >
>Guess who has provided me one heck of a challenge scroll idea....Da'ud
>sent along the Genological Roll of Edward
>IV...muahahahhahhahhhaaaaaa!!!!!  I even said at the time it was
>"Serena-esque."  If anyone wants the jpeg, just write me privately, and
>I'll send it along.
>Granted, it's not gold-leafed from Heck, but hey, it's awfully
>impressive.  I asked him to dig up some equally impressive Heraldic
>"Holy Grails."
>Come on, people......I felt the gauntlet thrown a week ago......didn't
>(just another mild-mannered scribe......honest)
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