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RE a scroll showing the genealogical history of Ansteorran kings -

One idea might be based on the Jesse trees (ancestor of Jesus) placed in many
medieval gospel books.

Another idea is a page I made use of from a French MSS  for the Gleann
Abhainn History book in Meridies, used to show the founding officers of the
new region. It has a wide gold border around the whole page with green Vines
from which hang shields showing the heraldic device of each person. Next to
each shield in the double columned text were fancy capitals for each person's
name and on the following line another for the name of thier office. In the
line extentions were the symbols for each office. There was even a space for
the scribe to include their own device and the Kingdom arms at the bottom.  I
believe there were more than 12 people listed.  This page is very colorful
and covered with gold. Almost every line begins with a fancy capital.

THLady Ciard O'Seachnasaigh

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