[Scriptoris] Gate's Edge Charter Painters & Scribes

lisabetta lisabetta at houston.rr.com
Tue May 27 07:52:23 PDT 2003

Greetings all,
Minor correction, Scribes of the Canton of Gate's Edge ( not Stargate
)  thank you so much for the large amount of scrolls that you turned
in to me to hand over to ceinwen, I know she greatly needed them.

and Ceinwen, I am sorry I didn't get them all trimmed for you but
with the rain coming I wanted to get everything packed.

The Charter Painters, and scribe of Gate's Edge, You really do amaze
me a year and a half ago when I started pushing for people to get
active in the scribal arts again, we had a few people and now you
have 2 handfulls of people painting, and in the last 6 months researching
and designing orginal scrolls and invitations, You have at least
two that I know who have started Calligraphy and have run with it.

I am very proud to be able to say I came from such a wonderful group,
and each time Lady Natilia hands me an envelope I know each charter
is going to be wonderful. I look forward to seeing what each of you
are entering at cornation for the scribal challange, and I am assuraned
that a champion will be hard to choose.

I do want to single out one person in the GE guild.
Lady Sabine,
Those of you who were at the CP table this weekend at Steppes Warlord
got to see a AOA Charter that had been painted. This is the lady
who did it.
She only started doing CP not long ago, and has just florished. Over
Christmas she has picked up calligraphy and what I have seen so far
is truely intriging.  You have a lot of talent, and I for one look
forward to seeing more and watching you grow.

hugs to all

In service,
Lady Lisabetta Micola daMonte
Coastal Region Scribe

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